Face Tips

Application Tips

Foundation gives you a flawless base for your face, giving your skin a healthy uniform colour, texture, and appearance. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone. Remember, the golden rule with mineral makeup is that a little goes a long way. Start with clean skin. If you use moisturiser, make sure it has been fully absorbed before applying Afterglow mineral cosmetics.

Conceal Flaws

Tap a small amount (a dime size or less) of your foundation into the lid of your container. Sweep up the foundation in the lid using Afterglow’s Ultimate Concealer and Blending Brush. Lightly brush over areas of your face to cover skin issues, acne, broken blood vessels, discoloration and dark circles under your eyes until you achieve the coverage you desire.

Apply Foundation

Before you get started please know that mineral foundation should NOT be applied wet, using fingers, in large quantities or on damp skin – this will produce a cakey, uneven application. Afterglow mineral foundations are highly concentrated and need to be applied in very small quantities, using a good dense bristle brush such as their Kabuki Brush or Foundation Brush. Follow the steps below for flawless coverage

tap TAP    a small amount of powder (a penny size into the top of the powder container or similar small dish
swirl SWIRL    your quality kabuki or powder brush into the powder until you have swept up all the powder from the top and tap your brush lightly on the side of the top with the head of the brush facing upwards. This will allow the powder to sink into the brush bristles.
sweep SWEEP     the powder filled brush firmly across your clean dry skin starting with your jawline, swirling inward in a light circular motion
REPEAT   until you achieve the coverage you desire.