Cheeks Tips

Application Tips

The Healthy Glow – Afterglow suggest taking a two product approach to creating a healthy glow by using both GLOW Bronzer and blush.

Glow Bronzer

Tap out a small amount of Afterglow Organic GLOW Bronzer into the container lid. Sweep up with your perfectly round blush brush and lightly apply to the areas of your face where the sun would naturally highlight your features (forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin). A little goes a long way. Make sure not to overdo this step!


Using the same, Perfectly Round Blush Brush , and the “tap, swirl, sweep” method to sweep up a small amount of blush and apply to the cheekbones and away from the eye area, blending the colour just on the cheekbones and starting it about one-half inch behind the laugh lines. Don’t know where your cheek bones are? SMILE! Cheekbones become more prominent when you smile. Start at the apples of your cheeks or slightly above and sweep the brush back into the hairline. Using a high quality blush brush is essential for a flawless application.

The Finishing Touch

Finish with Afterglow Translucent Setting Powder to give a soft-focused look, minimizing pores and creating a lovely finish that will prevent shine all day long. Though it looks white, it buffs in clear and soft.