Afterglow Mission

Afterglow Cosmetics Inc. believes that everything is connected. They pledge to create products that respect women’s bodies and the earth. Afterglow’s mission is to elevate women’s beauty products to an alternative that is safe, purely natural and fashionable.

It is Afterglow Cosmetics mission to:

Formulate with the highest standards of excellence in regards to purity of ingredients and effectiveness of the product while embracing diversity by offering a wide color palette for every woman.

Promote operating and business practices that encourage social responsibility, sustainability, beauty and creativity at every level of the organization.

Improve the overall quality of women’s lives by focusing on creating safer cosmetic alternatives that are free of common toxins found in women’s daily beauty routine.

Continue to use sustainable ingredients and packaging when ever available. Afterglow’s on-going focus is to seek out improvements at every level of their organization that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and environmental change.