Afterglow History

The Afterglow Cosmetics line was developed out of my personal need for healthy, color cosmetics that not only out-performed traditional cosmetics, but were also natural and fashionable.

All the women in my family are sensitive to food, cosmetics, and perfume. I started using make-up at an early age to cover up acne, but it seemed to only make my skin feel and look worse. I have always been aware of washing my food well, eating organic, and avoiding pesticides. However, for many years I never drew a straight line from this mode of thinking about my food and caring for my body to thinking the same way about my personal care products and the effect they have on my body both inside and out.

Though there were other natural and mineral cosmetics already out there calling their products natural, they still included objectionable ingredients like petro-chemicals, parabens, and bismuth oxychloride. These alternatives also fell short in the color selection department. Instead of continuing the frustrating search for the ideal cosmetic line, I decided to create the solution for myself. I started by making cosmetics for myself, friends, and family and quickly realized that there was simply nothing else out there that could compare to the luminescent finish, gentleness and the quality of pharmaceutical grade and certified organic ingredients. In 2004, Afterglow Cosmetics was born.

Now I work with some of the most innovative and creative chemists and other experts, developing new and exciting natural, organic, and mineral cosmetics. I truly believe that quality can be achieved naturally without the standard, and often toxic, petro-chemicals and synthetics found in traditional cosmetics. You can create naturally glamorous looks without sacrificing color palette or product effectiveness.

Afterglow’s unique blend of minerals and natural pigments has been very carefully formulated with your style, health, and beauty in mind.

Be Well,

Kristin Adams

Founder & CEO of Afterglow Cosmetics