Sensitive Skin

Afterglow Cosmetics are ideal for sensitive skin because they use minimal ingredients and avoid sensitisers like bismuth oxychloride, talc, dyes, and mineral oil. All Afterglow products are fragrance-free, except for the Organic Infused Lip Soothers, which contain ‘natural aromas’ of vanilla extract, lavender extract, peppermint extract, lemon peel oil, and strawberry fruit oil.

Rosacea & Eczema

Afterglow minerals are soft and soothing for rosacea and eczema sufferers. Many mineral cosmetics actually aggravate skin conditions due to bismuth oxychloride. Afterglow does not contain this ingredient and remains the best choice for women with skin issues.

Patch Test

There is usually someone that is allergic to almost everything. While Afterglow formulate their products to be especially gentle, we recommend that you perform a patch test first. The patch test can ensure that our products will work for you.  Click for more information about patch testing.

Refresh Cosmetics Regularly

Throw out old cosmetics, which can become spoiled, rancid, or contaminated with use. Lipsticks, glosses, foundations, setting powders, blushes, and bronzers should be refreshed every six months to one year. Eye make-up should be refreshed every six to eight months. Ensuring you have new, clean eye products is especially important, due to the delicate nature of the eye.

Date Opened

We suggest you use a paint pen or permanent marker to mark your cosmetics with the date that you opened them. This is an easy way for you to know when you should swap out old cosmetics with new ones.

Keep it Clean

Clean cosmetic brushes often. Cosmetic brushes can easily harbour bacteria, germs, and dirt from falling on the floor, touching dirty countertops, or being handled by unclean hands. To make sure your brushes are as clean as possible, we suggest using our Organic Infused Lavender Brush Cleanser once a week and shampooing brushes with natural shampoo or hand soap once a month.